I wrote the first draft of my first novel, The Divided Continent, in 1985. Over one hundred re-writes later it has grown from 56 pages to 470. From the first word of the story, my dream in life has simply been to be read. Nothing would please me more than to have everybody who reads any of my novels or children’s books like them. Realistically, that will not be the case. Still, I choose to think only of those readers who will enjoy following the adventures of my wide assortment of characters. Hopefully I can make you cry, laugh and think – and you will close the book thinking that you really enjoyed coming along for the adventure. I know that The Bullybeasts, The Goozles, Dippy Dorkasaurus, The Weetykes, Myself – and even Snarly Grouchwhiner are all happy to have you along for the ride. Nice Tender Luvs Noogies to all of you.


PS. (Luvs noogies dooz beez made in shape of a heart. K?)

. . . To a fantasy world . . .
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